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Carrier Command: Gaea Mission Full Version Free Download Info

Carrier Command: Gaea Mission Full Version Download

Carrier Command: Gaea Mission is not available yet for download, please bookmark this post so you can download Carrier Command: Gaea Mission full version later.

Details and Gameplay

Download Carrier Command: Gaea Mission Full Version Free. The game encompasses a huge, 33-island archipelago on the planet-moon Taurus, and attributes real-time weather conditions adjustments and day/night cycles. Travelling in between islands is totally real-time and seamless, with islands staying composed of 6 unique climatic zones, together with Wastelands, Arctic, Marshlands, Volcanic, Mountains and Temperate. The player’s fundamental unit is the Carrier, from which they might deploy and dock as much as four aerial models and 4 amphibious units, between other defensive and offensive programs, such as drones to protect the Carrier when underneath assault. Battles just take place over air, land and sea. Islands could be utilized, as soon as managed, in one of 3 ways – Defense, mining, or output.
The story normally takes place over the planetoid of Taurus; a pivotal battleground during the among two factions – The United Earth Coalition as well as Asian Pacific Alliance, the latter of which acquiring obtained regulate of Earth in the apocalyptic conflict.
Carrier Command: Gaea Mission is often a modern, Next-Gen remake of the first Carrier Command (1988) by Bohemia Interactive.
Carrier Command: Gaea Mission, set while in the Gaea Universe and determined by a story adapted from your science fiction trilogy of novels, reinvents the basic gameplay in the first Carrier Command unveiled in 1988 in next-gen working experience.
Carrier Command: Gaea Mission – The ground-breaking 80′s classic is back in this particular highly-anticipated following generation expertise. Gamers is going to be treated to an immersive journey by having an partaking story inside the vast, free-roaming environment that spans 33 exclusive islands in six distinctive climatic parts. Gamers will battle more than air, land and sea within this exciting combination with the 1st and 3rd man or woman action genre with strategic things exactly where the exploration and mastering of tactics is key plus the thrill of the profitable struggle will spur the participant onward to some victorious practical experience like no other.
You are the commander of the near-future plane carrier of enormous electrical power, with a lot of tools and autos at your disposal. Landing in an unfamiliar, free-roaming atmosphere, exploration might be crucial along with the thrill of discovery will spur you onward.

The colony planetoid of Taurus is really a pivotal battleground inside the United Earth Coalition (UEC)’s extensive marketing campaign against the rogue Asian Pacific Alliance (APA), who obtained dominion above Earth in an apocalyptic conflict. The large oceans of Taurus are dotted with resource-rich islands of different composition and hiding quite a few secrets and techniques.

Battle Over Air, Land and Sea
Interesting first-person motion and genuine strategic engage in blend to provide a whole expertise like no other.
Struggle For Control Of Taurus
Traverse the seas to ascertain a network of island bases for protection, mining and producing. Preserve a gradual supply of assets to press your campaign ahead.
Imagine Speedy
Just about every island can be a new battleground necessitating new tactics. Disrupt your enemy’s supply lines at their weakest details, but watch out to not depart your very own logistics community at risk of assault.
Develop Your Abilities
Check out freely and entire dynamic missions to uncover new technologies and weapons, until finally you’re robust ample to defeat the enemy carrier.
Carrier Command: Gaea Mission reinvents the basic gameplay of the first Carrier Command to deliver a very next-gen expertise. Gamers will be taken care of to an immersive journey, using an engaging tale adapted from the 2nd e-book in the Gaea Universe trilogy, slated for publication in 2009.

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